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The descriptive essay asks students to describe something, this can be your experience, person, situation, object, emotion or place. Descriprive essays strive to deeply involve the audience with the help of facts, statistics and detailed descriptions.

Before you start brainstorming, give yourself an answer “What is the main aim of your descriptive essay?”

Planning a Descriptive Essay

Clearly determine what you will describe, know the reason of your description. If you are not sure about these questions, take time to think about what you want to write.

Once you have gathered trustworthy and reliable material, you may start writing your introduction. Use concise and formal language, avoid plagiarism, carefully choose words and avoid phrases that are unfamiliar to you. Write a thesis statement. A thesis statement is an idea that governs the whole descriptive essay, usually it should be written in one or two sentences.

Keep in mind, when you are describing something, it is better to use vivid language and appealing sentences. It is a good idea to describe how the issue you are writing smelled, tasted or felt.

In the main part you have to present important facts and about the particular subject supported with a clear evidence.

The summary aims to restate a thesis statement, sum up significant facts but do not provide new information.

Don’t Tell…Show!

Use figurative language, concrete images and metaphors. Enjoy the process of describing the concrete subject.

Once your descriptive essay is composed, it’s time to revise, reorganize and modify it. Correct all errors and misprints. Additionally, give your descriptive essay to someone who is strong in writing to detect all mistakes.

Leave the audience with a clear impression and positive final feedback.

Last Tips

Describe emotions and felling about your topic. Effective descriptive writing is organized written in a figurative language.

Why Teach Descriptive Writing

Firstly, it helps students to write in details and produce more interesting research. Encourages you to search for new words and use them in your paper and help you to clarify your understanding about the particular subject.

Using Additional Assist

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